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Mazarat International Photo Festival, 2021

Attending the presence of, and visiting, the burial places of the pillars of society, great members of community and society’s prominent religious figures as well as paying homage and receiving spiritual blessing has always had a significant place in religious cultures across the world, especially Islamic culture. It is indeed a presence and an attendance which provides the base and basis for connecting to the source of God’s all-embracing mercy as well as purifying and clarifying one’s soul, psyche, and life. At the moment, the most magnificent works of Islamic architecture belong to mausolea and burial places of the pillars of Islamic society as well as its eminent religions figures; and, this issue per se does manifest the importance of the notions of visiting and/or making pilgrimage to such locations.
Given the importance of the role of Islamic figures’ mausolea in expanding the intercultural connections of Islamic world, carrying out the cultural development of Islamic world and saving the cultural and spiritual heritage of Islamic countries and Islamic holy places of visiting and pilgrimage, Astan Quds Razavi, has decided to hold Mazarat International Photo Festival. Throughout this event, it will be tried to properly utilize the experience and perseverance of all photographers, thus opening a new window towards recording the glorious moments of prayer as well as the magnificent instances of architecture.

Festival Director : Amir-Mahdi Hakimi
The Jury Members: Dr. Reha Bilir, Dr. Muhammad Sattari, Seyyed-Abbas Mir-Hashemi, Ebrahim Bahrami,Ahmad Khatiri

1. Prayer (color photos and monochromatic photos)
2. Architecture of Islamic Mausolea (color photos and monochromatic photos)

On the photos under the category, and with the subject matter of, Prayer

Prayer is the heartfelt connection between humankind and God; and, comprehending the profoundly deep relationship between the Creator and the creation does depend upon this connection. This category deals with photos which indicate the following.
- Various facets and aspects of Namāz, prayer, Dua, and invocation in mausolea and burial places of devotees and followers of God, scholars, theosophists and mystics who are respected by Muslims
- Servicing the pilgrims and visitors in mausolea and burial places
- Different outlooks and manifestations of the attendance and presence of people in these locations

On the photos under the category, and with the subject matter of Architecture of Islamic Mausolea:
Art has a unique sight in Islamic mausolea, a sight which has manifested itself in customs, creeds, constructions, and architecture of these mausolea and burial places. This category deals with photos in which the following elements and notions are observed and observable.

- Topographic photography of mausolea
- Artworks in mausolea
- Calligraphy in mausolea
- Inscriptions in mausolea
- Verses of Quran in mausolea
- Islamic names of God (also known as أَسْمَاءُ اللّٰه )‎
- Manifestations of sincerity and reverence towards the Ahl al-Bayt of prophet Muhammad (May Allah honor him and grant him peace)
- Architecture of mausolea
- The nature and the natural world surrounding mausolea
- The relation between mausolea and people’s places and areas of residence
*It must be noted that photos of Islamic mosques are not accepted for this category.

Regulations, Requirements and Qualifications :

1. Mazarat International Photo Festival will be open to, and free for, all photographers.

2. The one and only way to apply is by visiting, and uploading your photo in, the following website.
3. Each photographer is allowed to send 5 photos per category, thus a total of 10 photos for both categories. The photos must be based upon the definitions and instructions of the festival. They can be color photos or black-and-white ones. They can be photographed with any kind of camera. Moreover, each photo can only be sent and applied for one category.
4. The photos must be a result of the process of photography, with professional cameras, compact cameras, or mobile phone camera. In case of sending a photo which results from photomontage, all of the existing parts of that photo must have originally been photographed by the photographer himself/herself.
5. Submitting a photo by a photographer, and thus applying it for the festival, is indicative of the fact that the photo is the intellectual property of that photographer. And, if proven otherwise during any stage, all legal and penal consequences are to be faced by the participant.
6. The largest side of the photo must be less than 2000 pixels. That is, neither width nor height of any photo should exceed 2000 pixels. The format of the photos must be JPEG; and, maximum size of each photo is 2 megabytes. 
7. The organizer is allowed to use all or parts of the accepted photos in publications related to the festival including book, website, exhibition and other such festival-related items.
8. The book which is to be published to contain the selected works of the festival will be sent for all participants as a PDF file.
9. The photos must contain no writing, such as the title of the photo, name of the photographer, or the country of origin.
10. By submitting their work for Mazarat International Photo Festival, participants accept all the provisions of these regulations, requirements and qualifications, thereby depriving themselves of any right to object.
11. A certificate of attendance will be issued for participants whose works are selected, and deemed competent, for the exhibition.

Festival Schedule:

- Submissions open on January 26, 2021
- Submissions close on February 28, 2021
- Judging the entries starts on March 5, 2021
- Publishing the results and the nominees for prizes via e-mail starts on March 10, 2021


- Prayer Category:

1st contestant wins the Festival Statuette + 1500€
2nd contestant wins the Festival Statuette + 1000€
3rd contestant wins the Festival Statuette + 750€

- Mausolea Category:

1st contestant wins the Festival Statuette + 1500€
2nd contestant wins the Festival Statuette + 1000€
3rd contestant wins the Festival Statuette + 750€

Festival Director’s Special Prize: Selected by the jury and the director of the festival, one contestant who has the highest approval is going to win the Festival Director’s Special Prize which includes the Festival Statuette + 1000€

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