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Festival Pillars


Amir Mahdi Hakimi

Born in 1975
Writer, photographer, documentary filmmaker
Work Experience:
Managing Director of Astan Qods Razavi Institute of Artistic Creations.
Artistic advisor to the top manager of the holy shrine of Razavi.
Director of the Department of Islamic Literature and Art, Islamic Propaganda Office.
Selected person of the first mourning photo of Ashura moments.
Selected person of the National Photo Festival of Verses.
Selected person of the second national photo festival of Mashhad.
Second place in the National Celestial Art Festival in the photography section.
Achieving the top rank of the first national photo festival of natural resources in Iran.
Receiving an appreciation letter for the best narration writing from the 13th International Documentary Film Festival of Iran "Cinema Haghighat". 
Attendance to the Alter Do Chao International Film Festival in Brazil.
Jury members 


Born in Beysehir / Turkey, Reha Bilir graduated from istanbul University's Faculty of Pharmacy and although he is known to be a photographer by profession, he actually works as a free pharmacist.
 He participated in various national and international competitions as a photographer. He received two of Turkey’s most prestigious photography awards, namely the Şinasi Barutcu Cup in 2008 and the Sami Güner Cup in 2009. Various works of Reha Bilir, which reflect his journey through photography in his own style, have been included in many exhibitions in different countries. Having many of his photography albums exhibited in famous international photography museums, Reha Bilir has also exhibited his photographs and slide shows in various cities in our country.
 Not only does Reha Bilir engage in taking photographs but he has also shared his photographs with enthusiasts of photography in different cities in order to act as a guide for those who have just taken up photography, and also who have participated in interviews on the philosophy of photography. His interviews have been published in national and international photography magazines.
In a publication made by Pamukbank entitled “Photography in Turkey”, he was referred to as being among the first Turkish Photographers who made changes on photographs in computer environment by virtue of his exhibition “Digital Snapshots”.
He has been jury member in more then 90 international photo contests and more then 300 national contests including FIAP World Cup in 2012.
He is the founder of Sille Sanat Sarayı photography organization and president of International Art Photography Association (UFSD)
 He is the honorary fellowship of clubs and federations in more then 20 countries.
 He was the DB member of GPU in 2012 – 2016.  
He is the director of FIAP Exhibition Center in Sille - Konya / Turkey.


Seyed Abbas Mirhashemi

Born in 1961/ Saveh/ Iran
Bachelor of Photography from Tehran University of Arts
Obtaining a first degree in art from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
Obtaining an excellent visual arts badge
Member of the Policy Council and Secretary General of the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts.
Member of the founding board and board of executive of the Iranian Photographers Association.
Member of the founding board, board and managing executive of the Association of Photographers of the Revolution and Holy Defense.
Member of the group for writing and publishing Khorramshahr photo books, martyrs, war photographers, heroes and ...
Secretary and member of the judging team of a number of national and international photography competitions and festivals.
Lecturer of Art Universities, Al-Zahra.
Art Advisor of Tehran Visual Arts Center and Museum of Contemporary Arts.


Mohammad Sattari

Born in 1960/ Mashhad/ Iran
 Photography PhD
Official faculty member of the University of Tehran, 1989-now.
Member of the Policy and Judging Council of several annual and biennial Iranian Photo Festival.
Member of the founding board of the National Photography Association of Iran.
Member of the committee for holding the practical exam in the field of photography in the national entrance examination.
Member of the Scientific Interview Council of Candidates for the entrance exam for the PhD of arts.
Author and translator of numerous photography books and articles, including:
Author of an article in the (Quarterly Journal of Photographic History) America, 2013.
Author of an article in the book (Native Lens) published by the Universities of Zurich and Vienna, 2018.


Ebrahim Bahrami

Researcher and lecturer of photography, Secretary, Artistic Director and Member of the Jury of Domestic and International Photography Exhibitions and Competitions , "EFIAP" Honored Artist of the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP),  reciever of United Nations Medal of Human Rights for the Photo Collection "the Elderly" and the United Nations Cultural organization Award (UNESCO), selected as the Honorary Ambassador of Iran Photography in 2017, and have been awarded numerous awards from national and international photography exhibitions.


Ahmad Khatiri

Member of the World Federation of the Art of Photography (FIAP) and with the title of Lifetime Artist FIAP ARTIS T FIAP from the International Federation of Photography
Graduate of Bachelor of Visual Communication (Graphics) / Photojournalism Photography Scholarship Certificate from World Press Photo Netherlands / Documentary Film Certificate, India / Graduate in Photography and Film Photography from Iran Youth Cinema Association - Managing Director
 Winning more than 30 international titles (gold, silver, bronze, ribbon of honor, commendation, etc., including the gold medal trade of the International Festival between Asia, Europe and Africa Cross Continental Circuit 2020-2021 / FIAP gold medal business Photojournalism Serbia 2017-1018 / Wins Romanian UAFB2009 Gold Medal / Cyprus Gold Medal UPI2011 / New Jersey Silver Medal PSA2012 / Varna Bulgaria UPI2014 Bronze / 2014 ShunDe Cup B bronze Medal BH Certificate of Appreciation of the Amu Darya International Festival of Kazakhstan 2020 / Special commendation of the jury of the Bulgarian Photography Festival 2020 / FIAP HM Ribbon of Honor International Normandy Festival of France 2019 & …  in domestic and international festivals and selected in more than 155 international national festivals with more than 300 photo titles, under the auspices of the World Photography Federation (FIAP) and the American Photographic Association (PSA) and ...

Executive Secretary 

Amin Ebrahimi

Born in 1982 Mashhad
Member of the Policy Council of the Photo Center of the Iranian Youth Cinema Society 2005_2012
Solo Exhibition:
Holding 3 solo photo exhibitions in Mashhad during 2012-2016
Work Experience:
Lecturer of photography processing, 2007-now 
Lecturer of photography at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society
Lecturer of photography at the University Jihad Cultural Center
Lecturer of photography  at the  Soroush Sima Center
Lecturer of photography at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Lecturer of Photography in Mashhad open education centers
Lecturer of Photography in applied science training centers for journalists
Curator of More than 25 photo exhibitions
Secretary of Mashhad galleries section in the 11th Fajr Visual Arts Festival, Tehran Palace Museum Garden, 2019
Secretary of 6 photo expo periods of Hamdam in Mashhad
Publishing a photo book entitled Pinocchio, 2013
Judging more than 30 photo festivals
Secretariat members 
Nasrin Mehrizian
Nasibe Nateghinia 
Elyas Bahrami
Mohammad Mahdi Dara 
Festival policy council 

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